Summer Course 2020


The summer course at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (SIL) of IPB University in 2020 is worthy of discourse to review the implementation of the latest development of environmental and agricultural infrastructure facilities related to sustainable development in maintaining the preservation of the natural environment, resources, and communities, based on local wisdom for economic development and social purposes. With the 2020 Summer Course Program, student exchange activities are expected to produce inputs and solutions for the development of sustainable infrastructure for water, environment, and agriculture, especially for developing countries. This activity can provide information on the development of the latest approaches, methods, and technologies for sustainable infrastructure while maintaining local wisdom as an identity. This will be an interesting topic to study in facing the various challenges facing environmental problems, especially the current world climate change.

The Summer Course will be held virtually on 10th – 13th November 2020.

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1. Transferable course credit (2 credits)
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Contact Person:
+62 813 8168 0473 (Dr.Eng. Allen Kurniawan)


Open Registration:  21st October – 8th November 2020

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