Summer Course 2023

The 2023 Summer Course Program activities with the theme Sustainable Infrastructure and Built Environment, student exchange activities are expected to produce inputs and solutions for infrastructure and regional development sustainable development in buildings, environmental sanitation, agriculture, and others in various countries. This activity can provide information on the development of the latest approaches, methods and technologies for sustainable infrastructure while maintaining environmental quality and utilizing local wisdom. From this activity, academic cooperation can be established in enhancing networking and more structured international relations to credit recognition learning.

The objectives of the 2023 Summer Course Program are:

  1. Increase cooperation in the academic field of the IPB SIL Department with programs and other studies both at home and abroad to increase exchange students.
  2. Providing a vehicle to increase insight, interaction, exchange of knowledge, and confidence for domestic and foreign participants in renewing implementation of current and future sustainable infrastructure and built environment, especially in terms of structure and building materials, environmental sanitation, and management of water resources.
  3. Develop international networks to enhance educational collaboration and research supported by the development of a curriculum-based summer course competence.
  4. Increase publication of the position and reputation of the SIL Department in order to scientific development in the field of engineering based on superior cross-disciplinary knowledge discipline between infrastructure and environmental management in Indonesia and abroad.

Expand your knowledge and skills with renowned industry experts and professionals from various international universities. 🎓🌍💼

🗓️ Dates: 31st July – 11th August 2023
📝 Registration:

Contact Person :
+6289654549380 (Mr. Andik Pribadi)
Email :

For more information :

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn and grow in the field of sustainable infrastructure and built environment. Let’s create a better future together! 🌱🌍✨

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